Kin is the Future of Search

Ad-free, Web3, Community-based search engine

Imagine a search engine that works for you, not the advertiser.

A place where you can browse and shop online without being told what to think or what to buy. By eliminating ads and sponsored content, it frees up your screen and speeds up communication while reducing carbon by an estimated 35%. You always own your data, and we always respect your privacy. Sounds good? – well it is even better! The ownership of this search engine will be shared with you, our community of users and supporters, and so you will share in its success.

100% ad-free search and shopping

Enjoy a clutter-free browsing and shopping experience with Kin search engine. Our platform eliminates ads and sponsored content.

Community-owned ecosystem with revenue share

Kin is not just a search engine; it’s a community. Ownership is shared with users and supporters, meaning you share in its success.

Built for trust on a Web 3.0 platform

Kin search engine is built on a Web 3.0, ensuring a trustworthy and future-ready browsing experience. Our patented technology is already a working reality.

Private, greener & more sustainable

Kin ad-free approach reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 35%, making your searches greener and more sustainable.

The World Wide Web has been around for 30 years, but today its independence has been lost as it has become increasingly controlled by large corporations such as Google and Facebook. Internet users and business communities have provided the content for the web but have received next to nothing in return. Instead, our personal data and attention are being continuously sold to the highest bidders. This is all based on the outdated Web2 model that dominates the internet today.

We are part of the Web3 movement that is changing this. We are moving from the user-generated internet controlled by large monopolies to a human-centric internet where users own (and hence have control over) their own data. These new Web3 services can be open so that they are owned or controlled by their user communities, for example, through the tokenization of their ecosystems.

This is not an overnight transformation, but Kin is at the core of this movement and has been working with the EU’s Next Generation Internet Trust and the Partisia Blockchain Foundation to deliver a real Web3 solution for search.

Project Leadership & Advisors

Dr Gordon Povey
Dr Gordon PoveyFounder & CEO
Experienced serial technology entrepreneur

Gordon has built technology companies from start-up idea through multiple funding rounds resulting in trade sales of up to 8 figures. He led the development on the EU’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) Trust funded projects that became the catalyst for the establishment of the company and the new search engine.

Prof Bill Buchanan OBE
Prof Bill Buchanan OBETechnical Advisor
World-leading cryptography and cyber expert

Bill is a professor at Edinburgh Napier University. He is an international expert in cryptography and blockchain and has a track record of successful spin-out companies. In 2017 he was awarded an OBE from the Queen for his services to cybersecurity.

Beth Scott
Beth ScottClient Advisor
Beth is a business development and management consultant with extensive international experience in the high-tech sector. She has expertise across business strategy, thought leadership, planning and communications. She assists the company in client engagement.
Ian Wright
Ian WrightMarketing Advisor
Branding and marketing professional

Ian is a business leader with global experience in marketing & communications. He is a founding partner of the Family Advertising agency and managing director of Tribe Global an international network of communications agencies. He also runs a business consultancy and advises the Company on branding, marketing, and communications.

Michelle McWilliams
Michelle McWilliamsPR Advisor
Multi-sector public relations and media professional

Michelle is a PR & marketing communications professional with decades of experience covering technology, arts, and tourism sectors. She has worked in Whitehall with Ministers on multiple campaigns and is an NXD and Trustee for the charity Royal Blind. Michelle advises the Company on media engagement.

John Craig
John CraigProduct Advisor
Experienced international product manager

John is an independent product manager based in Munich. He was formerly Manager of Products, Campaigns and Marketing for Telefonica Germany and has international experience of bringing products to consumer markets. He advises the Company on product development and the go-to-market strategy.

Kadri Tammai
Kadri TammaiBusiness Advisor
International advisor and business start-up mentor

Kadri is a start-up mentor and head of a business incubator based in Tallinn, Estonia. Through the support of the EU’s Next Generation Internet Tetra programme, she helped develop our business proposition and continue to support the company in reaching its international goals.

Iam Myles
Iam MylesTechnical Advisor
Technology expert with international experience

Ian is based in Silicon Valley and has a background in Industrial Design and Technology. His experience spans mobile payment, IoT, UI & UX design, AI and blockchain. Ian is very well connected and has served on the company’s Advisory Board for the last 2 years.

Partisia Blockchain
Partisia BlockchainPartners
Layer-1 blockchain with advanced MPC cryptography

Partisia Blockchain provide access to their world-leading layer-1 blockchain and Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology. The smart contract and tokens are hosted on the Partisia Blockchain providing the highest levels of data security and transaction efficiency.

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