You can now pre-register for the 2024 token sale

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Kin tokens (KIN-MPC) are the digital utility tokens that power the Kin economy. They are used for user rewards (for activities that either grow our community or generate revenue for it). There is a finite number of tokens, and due to their scarcity, they may become more valuable as the Kin community grows. In addition to earning tokens as a user, our supporters can purchase them via a token sale, with future options to sell them back to the community or to other supporters.

The first release of KIN-MPC tokens was completed in December 2022, and our registered supporters received tokens into their Partisia Wallets.

There is a new token pre-sale planned for January 2024 and we are offering a discount against the full KIN-MPC price if you pre-register. You can pre-register here (with no obligation) and you will receive details of the pre-sale and can receive a 22% discount on the full token price.